Nokero Solar is a very special tool in my life, it really means a lot to me. It helps me when I am studying, especially now that we are facing load shedding here in South Africa. Whenever electricity goes off, I do not have to worry about how I am going to study in the dark.

And sometimes when I study I have to use my cell phone to do some research since at school we do not get all the tools (textbooks) to study. So Nokero Solar can be helpful in terms of charging my cell phone if the battery is flat.

And sometimes Nokero Solar helps my family, whenever my younger cousins want to study too, we can share it. What I like about my Nokero Solar is that you can charge it, either with electricity or charge it using the sun. How nice is that!

I got Nokero Solar at the Ikamva Youth programme at the beginning of this year. They were giving out prizes to the first five learners who brought their reports early, so luckily I was one of those learners. (Ikamva Youth is a programme that helps Grade 9 to 12 with their academics).

When they gave me this Nokero Solar I wasn’t that happy at all, I thought it was just a useless thing. They explained to me on how Nokero Solar could be helpful to me, especially now that I am doing Grade 12. But I just ignored it, until one day I decided to charge my phone on it and guess what!

Just after I put my phone on charge, electricity went off due to load shedding. I started panicking now because my phone was off and Nokero Solar was doing strange things as well. It was turning on and off and I realised that maybe that was because I never charged it, ever since I got it from Ikamva Youth.

The next day I made sure that I charge my Nokero Solar before electricity goes off. From that day I decided to try just studying using it. So I studied mathematics as it is my favourite subject. Wow, I could never tell how wonderful the experience was, that’s when I realised that Nokero Solar is really helpful in my life. And from that day I would always charge it before the electricity goes off.

Nokero Solar means a lot to me and I can still see that it is, and it still will make a difference in my life as we are heading towards June. We will be having camps at school as Grade 12, so I can really see that Nokero Solar is something I can rely on.