During an interview, Alessie Cara opened up about her struggle with hair loss, which inspired the ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ song. She said that she would try to hide her bald spots with different hair styles, and that she was unsure why she had to deal with the problem at such a young age.

In the same interview, Alessie also said:

“I didn’t want people to look at me, I didn’t want people to get too close. Even now, I struggle with it; sometimes, you can see that my hair is missing in some spots. I have just learned how to accept it. Being in the public eye, you’re always worried about what angle people are going to take pictures of you at. I don’t really care anymore. I just let my hair dry naturally; I don’t hide it.”

The song promotes a message of self-acceptance that challenges the standards of beauty we see every day. We are made to believe that a sexy woman is one who has a cleavage and curves; that a healthy woman is thin, and that a beautiful woman has no pimples or any sort of skin condition. We are also taught that a handsome man has no pimples, and that he is supposed to have a six-pack. Well, this song changes how we view beauty because it highlights beauty as something that comes from self-acceptance and embracing our flaws.


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