If I had a person who loved me I would never forget them. I wish you could see when a person loves you but it is impossible because you cannot see love and you cannot touch love. I wish we could see the person who loves us and who doesn’t love us because then you’d be able to tell who you’ll be in love with for the rest of your life.

I loved my best friend Beauty, but I didn’t know that she did not love me. There was a time when I saw that she didn’t love me. When I used to go to her house she treated me like I was not there. When I used to go get her from her house for school, she’d say I should leave without her. She was my good friend but I did not know that she did not love me. I had to try to move on.

Since I stopped chatting to her I did not want to have another friend because I thought everyone might turn out to be the same as Beauty, that they might not know how to love someone.


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