Life is like a spinning wheel, it rotates continuously. A spinning wheel is an example of life because you never know what will happen in the future. You could be wealthy today and poor tomorrow.

I say do not judge a person for being poor. That person did not make themselves to be like that. And they wish to be better like you. They also want to have a big beautiful mansion and cars.

But life is life. We will never have equal money. There’ll always be people who’re richer than you with plenty of cars and more than one mansion. What I know is that most people that are rich or let me say richer than us they are not happy. Some of them wish that they were not having that much money because they are having big troubles. Rich people are always thinking about money.

Most rich people don’t found true love because other people can pretend to love them just for their money. The glitz and glamour aren’t love at all including those expensive cars, jewellery, handbags and etc.

But poor people do find love and happiness. If they have food on the table it makes them happy. It makes them very joyful and celebrate it. Poor people they share this with each other because they know the situation.

But wealthy people it is hard for them to do that because they want more money than they already have. Most of them are competitors and are jealous of each other’s success. They want more good things for themselves not for other people.

If you have enough food please share with those that don’t have. If you have old clothes that you no longer wear then please don’t put them on fire. Donate to those who are less fortunate. Let us help those we can help. Let us love and respect each other equally. Whatever thing you have, no matter how small, please share it with others.

Let us be united South Africa. Please let’s love our country and the people of the our country.


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