Oh my word, just when I was about to give up on tertiary education, I decided to try again and guess what? The University of South Africa accepted my application! Oh, yes! I screamed throughout while reading that acceptance letter.

It was a complete nightmare having to stay at home for more than five years without any tertiary education, but my “AHA” moment came and I am so excited! Words can never describe the excitement and happiness I feel inside, it is on another level.

Being a young adult without parents can be very hard. You can make mistakes that could possibly have been avoided if parents were present.

My mother was my only hope and help in time of need. When I lost her, I lost all hope in life. It was tragic. But I have a fighting spirit and I know that nothing will make me happier than being educated. I gave it a try and whoop I am in! Give it up for a future social worker, yes yes, yes, please applause, thank you.

I use to cry myself to sleep thinking that I would never be successful or enter the gates of university but this experience showed me that patience is a virtue and God’s time is not my time. I believe that I will conquer in every situation. I will win and come out stronger.

I’m so happy that I have even started with my assignments. Mind you the registrations are not even closed. I still can’t believe that mercy re-wrote my life.

As I urge other young people, never give up on life, your AHA moment will also come just like me.

Even today is still the happiest day of my life. I feel like a new person.


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