Once upon a time there lived a boy named Lebo in a small town called Willovale, living with his parents. Lebo was a young, smart and intelligent boy.

Lebo suffered from having no vision and no dreams. His parents never encouraged him to dream, they forced him to see only what was in front of him and never allowed him to see beyond his little hometown.

He entered high school with no career in mind that he wanted to pursue. Lebo just chose the subjects most kids chose. When he reached grade 12, it was time to apply for a career. The pressure was too much for him to handle and he didn’t apply at all.

He passed with matric with flying colours. Lebo got offers to study wherever he wanted to but he let the opportunity slip through his fingers. Lebo faced disappointment from his parents and they felt the pain and regret.
Lebo was a shame to the town as he was their only hope. He turned to drugs to take away the pain and shame of being a disappointment. He soon became a street kid, hanging around corners, wasting the days away and the drugs slowly killing him.

Lebo’s life was cut short because he couldn’t put his poverty mentality aside and dream beyond that dusty town of Willowvale.


Tell us what you think: Do you know kids like Lebo who didn’t have support and information about their future? What would you advise them?