I never knew that I am that powerful; I never knew that I’m a winner; I never knew that I could make it. I never believed in myself, but I realised that I’m not here to impress anyone, to impress anyone by following them; mostly to have a low self-esteem. At the end I knew that I was destroying myself.

So I want to talk to you my beloved, what I know about you is that you are talented, we are all talented. Remember that a talent is not a person, it cannot talk or come to you or take itself out. What you need to do is to avoid what people say and kill that demonic spirit in you. That demonic spirit is called “being nervous” in my language.

The reason why I say that is because being nervous destroys you piece by piece. For example let’s say you’re in a music concert and your friends are chosen to perform at the stage, and you are included. But the problem is that you are nervous and you decide not to go, and the worst thing is that you guys practiced for the whole month for that event.

At the end of the concert you will ask yourself many questions; why, how and how come? And your friends will be celebrating and appear on television and your enemies could laugh at you a lot. You can hate yourself at that time and you will never ever trust yourself until you try to work hard and take responsibility.

So kill that spirit of nervousness inside of you and believe in yourself.