Men often complain about women and children having “too many” rights, disregarding the violence, abuse and trauma they went through to have those rights. They were not given them on a silver platter, they earned them.

Imagine what women of Chongqing, China, experienced when they were promised better living conditions, where there would be plenty of food, job opportunities and education for their young in Japan. But instead, were abused.

These women may not have been forcefully removed but they were taken under false intentions and pretence. These women were not only physically abused but emotionally too, along with the young ones. These women would be kept in tiny spaces, at large groups at a time. They’d be starved, and nobody cared to give them water so they could bath. These women were raped in front of their children. The poor souls would have to listen and watch as their mothers cried for mercy. What did they expect that to do to a child? Nothing? Let me tell you, it had the worst results imaginable.

It created fear, hate, a sense of abnormality. It created little monsters. It traumatised them, created emotional scars and resentment for men. The men that were supposed to give them better lives, men who were supposed to protect and care for them.

In the picture of their teens, these girls would be deflowered, impregnated and infected by these beasts. They would receive no medical help whatsoever, this would result in large numbers of deaths and even then they wouldn’t get decent funerals, instead their lifeless, meatless and naked bodies would be thrown in one huge hole.

This carried on for decades, from generation to generation. Tell me what went on in the minds of soldiers? When they teach a young boy that women are just objects? Things to be used and abused? When they tell them that their only purpose is to make children, to give them sex and after that they die, to be buried like dogs. What goes on in their heads when they forcefully deflower an innocent girl?

When they force them to keep unwanted pregnancies? When they gang rape mothers and grandmothers in front of young children? When they do not give any medical attention to the dying women? What are they thinking when they do not use protection?

And the ignorant bastards have the audacity to say that women have “too many” rights. When she can suffer abuse and possibly die in the hands of her partner, her father, her uncle even her neighbour. How dare you be so oblivious?