It was a Monday evening and I was sitting with my auntie at home. There was a show about a girl coming from a proud black family that taught her to love her blackness. So, in that episode she was exploring her choices in terms of love and relationships. From that episode I learnt to own my truth and to live it most importantly.

From that day I have always owned my truth. My truth about how I feel about certain people, what I think about them, and if I would ever want to live my truth with them. Truth and originality are two of the most important aspects in life for me and these are also the things that make me who I am today.

The impact that ‘Truth’ has made in my life is huge because I don’t ever live a lie. I do not fear imperfection. I am more than ready to face the world. I have no doubt that I will have me, even if the world is lost. I still stand because there is nothing more exciting than knowing you are true to yourself only.