Gifts are a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, that help to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. They play a crucial role in creating us love each other. In life, we all have received or rather shown love from people by means of gifts. A gift is not just an item that depreciates over time. A gift is a symbol of love, appreciation and care shown by those we treasure. Gifts are important in making someone feel special. They usually come with special memories and stories attached. Not only does it hold a sentimental value in our lives, but it leaves an imprint in our hearts, serving as a memento that a special rare breed of a heart in a human form once graced our lives with its presence. Everyone feels delighted when they receive a present, and so do I.

“As long as the key to my heart belongs to you, I will never stop loving you. I love you forever.”

These words still echo through my mind. I never believed that something like this could ever happen to me. Such a thing that would make me stop and look back at the events in awe. I have received so many gifs in my lifetime. On my birthday, most specially. However, among all my favorite presents I have received in my entire life, the most memorable one was probably the wooden key-chain holder that was given to me by my boyfriend. That special key holder was given to me for one reason – our anniversary, of course.

On our anniversary, the gift was wrapped delicately. I opened it with curiosity and caution and I discovered that it was a brownish heart-shaped key holder. It was not just an ordinary key holder; on it was something that gave my heart the greatest palpitations I have experienced in my whole life. Our names were decoratively engraved on them; and our anniversary date included. I gave it a gentle kiss. “I love it,” I said to my boyfriend. “That,” my boyfriend replied, “is what I have been waiting for; and I’m glad you liked it” He smiled.

That day, I felt the warmth from my boyfriend and the true meaning of our relationship. “Caring from my boyfriend is really the most prized possession I ever had”, I thought to myself. Also, I came to understand the importance and preciousness of socializing. This experience of a relationship gave me confidence and encouragement, and helped me in every aspect of my life. Every time I look at the gift, it takes me down the memory lane of the first day we met and every moment of happiness we shared. A great picture of this provides me with a treasured, cherished momento.