When all is silent and you are left alone with your thoughts, are you as haunted by your actions as I am? Do the regrets come rushing in, raging like a river, drowning you in the choices you wish you could have made?

I had a chance, but chose not to take the gamble and I didn’t have the courage to risk or the heart to fight or the wisdom to take that first step. Fate is sometimes in our favour and can be a cruel mistress. That could be the truth or we could just be blind to the fact that we are all pawns to the universe’s game, just tiny insignificant pieces for the entertainment of something beyond our comprehension.

But if none of this matters then why does it all hurt as much as it does? Exasperated, I keep searching, not knowing what I’m looking for or even what I’ll find. Governed by inexplicable laws I soldier on, looking for something I myself cannot fathom or express.

Have I lost touch with my humanity or is humanity just a state of being, seeking validation from others who lost, the blind leading the blind? But now I’ve found you and even though I know you’re as clueless as I am, I’m happy because now I know we can be lost together.


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