My story is about being a security guard. People think that when you are a security guard you are a nobody. They judge you and you are an easy target to kill. Even if someone falls in love with you, it’s hard to marry you because you are not educated enough.

Some of us chose to do this job because we want to put food on the table, we want our siblings to have more than we had. Listen we did go to school, we know how to read and but we can’t complete tertiary education because of our circumstances. Some of us became parents at an early age. We are raising our siblings with that money at the same some we want them to have shelter. Life is not easy when you have to raise siblings and your own children at such an early age. Being a security guard helped me to raise my siblings and my own children by giving them what they need. Sometimes you have to forget about your life and put your loved ones first.

So my story is about why I became a security guard and I’m proud of it, because I am raising my young siblings, taking them to school, at the same time I am a single mother of three children of my own, it not easy but I live.

I didn’t choose this life but this life chose me. Oh, let me start explaining how I got to my Aha moment. I am a security guard, I didn’t finish school because I fell pregnant at an early age. I tried to complete my studies by attending night school, and I passed my level 4. I wanted to go to college but I couldn’t because my parents passed away and left me with my siblings, that’s when I decided to do this job so that I could put food on the table.

I am not ashamed about the work I do. In fact, I am glad I found it, but it is not easy because people treat you like you’re nobody when you are a security guard. My children’s father left me because I had more responsibility. I live in a two-bedroom place with my children and my siblings. Even if I fell in love with a guy who has achieved a lot in life, I would be embarrassed because I see myself as a nobody.

At school I used to do speech and drama because that’s where my talents lie. I stopped because I had to face the reality that I will never be an actress. I don’t have qualifications, right now I’m focusing on raising my children and my siblings, so that they will achieve what I didn’t and that is my Ahaa moment.


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