“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11 verse 1. The Bible is a book used in churches by Christians, often to refer to, as the word of God. The above is a scripture consisting of the old and new testament.

My Bible was a book given to me by visitors who were from Pretoria in the year 2014. It is then that I was able to know and read about this precious book. It came to me at a perfect time because I believe that if it was not introduced to me at the time it was, people would be saying something different about me today.

We were called to gather in the hall and these Bibles were introduced to us. I saw this act as just a waste of time. We were so busy with our studies, where would we find time to just go through the Bible, we asked ourselves. Let me give you assurance today that we found time. We had more time than we usually had to read and study our Bibles and also to study our books.

The Bible is so important to me because it changed my life in an amazing way. Actually, the day I received my own Bible I got a new faith and wisdom from God. The most positive thing about my Bible is that it motivates me and gives me direction to positivity. There were days when I thought it was the end of my life, times when I lost hope. But when I opened my Bible I got words of faith and wisdom from it.

My Bible contains different words of a God with a common goal, which is to give a correct direction of understanding. That everything happens for a reason. Each and every time I read it I see myself as a successful person. I feel so strong and courageous. Maybe the day when I received my Bible was the day of my achievement in life.

I know and understand that the people who came to our school with Bibles could have chosen any gifts to give us, but they chose the Bible, which alone is a miracle. I am not afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God, because He lives, I can face tomorrow!

The Bible means the world to me and not only in this world, but the world to come. It is everything and gives answers to everything that human beings are not able to explain. When I have a word with God that means I have life in it. It is the only book I know that is able to give lessons, to differentiate between right and wrong, to rebuke and to predict the future. Without the Bible and its lessons my life would be useless.