I believe a role model should be someone you look up to. Someone who was a nobody and today they’re something special and successful. A person with good personality, and a fabulous media profile. It has to be someone who inspires you to do good and who’s achieved it all in life.

Well, I’ve got two. My mother and Rihanna. My mother inspires me to do good in whatever I decide to do and to always consider other people’s feelings. She wants me to love myself more than anyone else and to make sure that my happiness comes first. She taught me to always strive in life, no matter how hard it is. And whatever the outcomes are, I shouldn’t hate or judge myself. I’ve done what I had to do at my best level. She is the pillar of the family. She is a mother, a sister and a friend. She forgets her own happiness along the way of making the family happy. So, big ups mom.

Rihanna, well, you all know she’s a singer, an actress and a businesswoman. What more could you want in life? I love how she’s straight forward with everything. How she fights for women as she’s part of the Gender-Based Violence Campaign. She’s fierce, fire, classy and beautiful and a whole lot of other things that I can’t mention. I get inspired by her songs to do my best in life and be my own woman who doesn’t need a man to survive.

To all the young girls with big dreams, I say go girl, do your absolute best! Try again and again if it doesn’t work out. Try until it works. Don’t wait for a man to sweep you off your feet and provide for everything you need. Have your own thing going!


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