The Right to equality. To me, this refers to never being discriminated against unfairly. All people are equal. My responsible actions are to treat others fairly and never discriminate against others.

The Right to human dignity. This means that I have dignity and self-respect that nobody may take away from me. For example, nobody should use racist language against me, swear at me, or shame me. Nobody should do, or ask me to do, anything that makes me feel ashamed. My responsible actions-treat other people with respect, protect people’s dignity, be kind and caring, and greet people and speak to them politely.

The Right to Life-nobody may kill me. I have the right to live my life to the fullest. My responsible actions-respect the right to life of other people. Do not kill or hurt another person. Protect and defend others’ lives. Do not carry dangerous weapons. Live a healthy life, and do not behave in an irresponsible way that may infect others with diseases.

The Right to Freedom and Security of the person. This refers to the fact that I cannot be arrested and held without a reason, a charge, and a trial. Nobody is allowed to beat, harm, or torture me in any way. I have the right to full control over my body. I cannot be forced to do anything, such as have sexual intercourse, without my permission. My responsible actions are to live according to the law so I may stay out of jail, respect other people’s bodies, never force another person to have sex with me, never bully or hurt others, and solve conflicts peacefully.

The Right to slavery, servitude, and forced labour refers to slavery not being allowed. A slave is somebody who is owned by another person and who works without pay or rights. Nobody can force me to work for them. I can’t work for free. I cannot work for longer than a certain number of hours, and I need leave days. My responsible actions – never enslave another person or force somebody to work for me, and never be a human trafficker.

The Right to Freedom of religion, belief, and opinion refers to the idea that I can have my own opinions and views. I cannot be forced to believe in something. I can follow the religion of my choice. Other people have to respect my religion and allow me to practise it. Same sex marriages are allowed. My responsible actions are to respect the freedom of others to have any religion and beliefs they want, and show understanding, tolerance, and consideration for other people’s beliefs and religions.

The Right to Freedom of expression. This refers to freedom of expression as freedom of speech. This means that everyone may say, write, or print whatever they want as long as they do not violate the rights of others.
My responsible actions are that my opinion should not harm others. I should avoid saying, showing, or doing things that can cause offence, violence, hatred, or misunderstandings, and do not spread or tell lies.

The Right to Language and Culture means I can use the language of my choice and follow the culture that I choose. My responsible action is to respect other people’s languages and culture.

The right to Education means I have the right to basic education, including adult basic education. This means that from grade R-9, I cannot be stopped from attending school, even if I cannot pay school fees. My responsible action is to work hard at school, attend school regularly, and never treat teachers badly or disrespect them.

The right to Citizenship-my citizenship cannot be taken away from me. My responsible actions are to be a responsible and caring citizen, obey the laws of the country, and help make South Africa a great country.