The rain came rushing down on the forsaken Earth as it did over my face, like it was trying to wash away my regret. I sat on the isolated sofa, staring at my reflection in a puddle. Jesus, it couldn’t even look at me. I shifted my gaze to my bloody hand, holding a lit cigarette I stole from a corpse.

Audrey’s blood. I took a pull from the cigarette and the only thing I saw in the smoke was her face. Her bloody hand clutching onto mine. Her blonde hair floating around her. Her blue eyes concealed a tsunami as she begged me to not let her go.

I had to let go of her. For the power I always craved. Audrey was just “a simple price to pay,” as Lady Lucifer told me yesterday on the same sofa I sat on now. She told me that she could give me the power to destroy and recreate as I wanted, I just had to sacrifice the only person I loved.

She even warned me of the consequences, she said my soul would belong to her and that I would be the only person left on Earth. She said it would all be destroyed, but that I’d be a god afterwards. So, I had to let Audrey go. To become a god, but the moment I let go of her hand, regret surged through my veins faster than the disappearing space between her falling body and the soul reaping fire.

Faster than a virus overtaking me like a black plague. Her scream echoed in my head like the smell of death throbbing in my nose and the taste of wet salt drying my mouth. Watching my lover and best friend die like that, made me want to gouge my eyes out. The moment she perished was the moment the world ended. The ground shook under my feet, rocks crashing into each other, people running around screaming. Every soul on Earth flew into the heavens and I fell unconscious.

I woke up the next day and everything was settled. Day merged with night. Life with death. Ashes with rain. I sat there on the sofa, staring at my reflection as dust settled on the earth just as this trek. I couldn’t bear looking at my reflection. A life with no lives to live with, is no life at all. I tossed the cigarette into the puddle, picked up a sheet of glass and slit my wrists. I bled out, closed my eyes and lived in darkness for the rest of eternity.

Tell us: What is something you did and ended up regretting?