Being in high school changed many aspects of my life. The myriad of school work deprived me from doing thrilling activities that I enjoyed and later, it distressed me. As much as my marks were graceful to observe at the end each term, they left me feeling as though garbage was worthier than me.

All those hours I spent compelling my brain to eat every essential page from every textbook, forcing fluids of that gross green tea down my throat to keep me from dying of exhaustion, just to get excellent grades. It was beneficial for my future but not my comfort nor happiness and it was all to impress…my grouchy father.

At first, I had it all planned thoroughly. I would produce good grades so that he could consider buying it for me, that way I would be able to proceed with the discoveries of what I could alter my ideas into. However, my plan failed when he disregarded my school report and treated it like meaningless paper.

My hard work was inadequate. All that I desperately yearned to hear was a word or two from his mouth to let me know that he is proud of me. I was afraid of everything but mostly, rejection. I tried to cure my fears by grabbing a book to scribble in, but my left hand frequently grumbled since it was used to working together with my right hand to punch in letters.

I was becoming hysterical because I sacrificed all that I treasured – dancing, writing, reading books – for nothing. I assumed that nobody noticed how I was changing until my mother sat me down to discuss a solution.

“If you seriously need it, then you will have to sacrifice for it this time. We can save enough money to afford it but that will mean that I cannot buy clothes for you or give you occasional allowances anymore…” she profoundly proposed to me.

I rapidly accepted the pleasing suggestion before she changed her mind. I knew it was going to immensely change my daily patterns, but I did not mind. Within those months of saving and cutting out expenses, I realised that no matter how lonely we may feel, there is always someone who cares enough to assist solving our problems. Support and encouragement is vital to everyone’s success and it stems from honestly appreciating someone.

Finally, it arrived. The key to unlocking my own world of imagination and possibly what created this essay – my magnificent personal computer.