“I cannot wait to turn 26-years old,” she said with a smile of mischief. How could a person in her teens already have a plan for when she turns 26? That was peculiar.

Yes, we all wondered how that was possible. But quite frankly our thoughts have a way of making up situations about the future. It is believed that thinking or planning your future might cause bad luck. You should, however live the moment and plan for the moment. But it is more about ambition and the faith that one has to overcome all the myths and beliefs of the world.

Her plan was fair, oh well… At least that is what she thought. No one understood the pains she went through but she kept smiling either way. But then again, your plan will always sound fair to you.

By the time she turned 26-years old she would be busy with her doctorate and far from her place of birth, her country of birth. No, she thought that was limiting her so she would be far from the continent she was born in. Yes! “That is indeed what I should do.” Just when you think that’s all, she had a partner in that 26-years. A “puzzle” or whatever it is that you want to call it.


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