My problem is not that I don’t have problems. I am troubled by my problems but my problem is not bigger than any other problem because we all have problems.

Do not make your problems bigger than they seem because you will end up depressed. Do not think your problems are worse than any of us, they are still problems. Don’t go against your problems because they can be very rude, but rather nurse them to sleep for they will never wake up.

Life is a problem so don’t be suicidal because of life. It can be hot today and raining tomorrow, yet that could still be a problem. If someone does not have a simple problem, then know that that someone does not live.

Eve Angels have problems for they worry about trying to talk while you don’t pay attention. Even God has a problem for He loves us all, but some find that hard to believe.

I hope your problems don’t overpower you. Remember, don’t fight them, nurse them.


Tell us: Do you agree with the writer that problems should be “nursed”?