We are living in a remarkable era that is technology savvy and nowadays our lives are more electronic dependent and ever since our lives has become easy. A phone is a small device that has simplified most of things into one thing. Oh how I was sad when I didn’t have a Smart and had no idea how to get it. I then thought why not take it on instalment. I went to the nearest store, took it on instalment as I couldn’t buy it on cash and now I am enjoying the benefits.

I am living in a rented back room alone but hey, I cannot say I live alone because my phone has ultimately become my best friend in such a way I will do absolutely anything to protect it. That is just how much I love it. When I have it fully charged it keeps me away from the street. It has a couple of things that I love doing during my spare time. I have five social medias, six games that I crazily love, the FUNDZA application, free basics, you tube, music, internet and a Microsoft office package.

I know no boredom because when I am alone, my best friend keeps me company. I again lost track of where the internet cafes are situated because with my phone I can connect with employers and different companies. Nowadays we only go to internet café for photocopies once in a while and that has made our lives very easy and saves us time.

Today, I can proudly say there is no need for me to own a hard copy of an album anymore as I have seven different albums on my phone. When I am travelling I need no camera man beside me as I can capture pictures myself using my phone each and every moment whenever and wherever I want to. It is just so exciting how it simplifies multiple things into one. I now only carry slim bags because I don’t need to travel with my diary, photo album, notepad or newspaper.

I can also catch up with my favourite television programs even after their original broadcasting time. I love reading books and I cannot afford to buy hard copies but with my phone I can connect to Wi-Fi and read books online.

I love the fact that it is not even heavy to carry, you always have it wherever you are especially for unplanned moments that need capturing. I feel that if there was a law introduced to ban phones, I will be the one leading a mass strike to immediately refuse that law. I love it when I see new applications being introduced every year which makes my phone even more exciting.
My phone, my special thing.