Beauty pageant

I grew up an orphan with a lack of confidence. I was shy that I couldn’t read a book in class when we were doing reading. I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone. My voice was very tinny and not clear.

In 2010, I started doing modelling. I entered a pageant for the first time and I made it to the top 6. Yes, and it was hilarious! I had lots of fun and learnt a lot. I got motivated to continue doing modelling. I started buying pageant shoes and making my own evening dresses. In my spare time I would wear my pageant clothes, zone myself and talk to the mirror introducing myself. This has help me in terms of my voice and gaining self-confidence.

In 2013, I was crowned Miss Village Lodge 2nd Princess. In 2017, I was crowned Face of Nelspruit Fashion Week and in 2018, I was crowned Miss African Heritage 1 Princess. I have always won the crowd with my loud voice at every pageant that I have entered. I am proud to say that my voice is loud enough to reach over five thousand people in a room. I have gained self-confidence and I am now a model and an inspiration to my society.

In 2017, I launched my own pageant titled “Miss African Pride”. I believe that one day I will host this pageant in all African countries. My pageant is about celebrating African women who pride themselves on being Africans living in Africa, as well as learning about the different cultures and traditions across Africa.

I currently have a lot of experience in the modelling industry but, I still take every project seriously as I believe that as humans, we learn for as long as we live. I still focus like everyone else. My self-confidence leaves a mark where ever I go. I have great personality and I am able to interact with all different kinds of people from all walks of life.

I have made so many people proud of me including my family. My family was never supportive when I started but, recently they started supporting me after they’ve seen my progress. One of my sisters is my biggest fan and she is the one who used to drive me to my events. For my family, the least I can do is to share my winnings with them as a token of appreciation.

I encourage other young people to participate in modelling. Modelling helps many people to make better choices about their lives. It keeps the youth busy, from being out the streets doing nothing to becoming somebody in life. It reduces teenage pregnancy and substance abuse.