My name is Eunita. I was born in Limpopo and grew up in Johannesburg South in Gauteng.
I attended different schools and met different people from all sorts of diverse cultures and learnt their opinions on life.

I was just a girl with low self-esteem. Some people would tell me how dark skinned and ugly I am, how awful I look. It hurt. I tried committing suicide several times because I felt everyone hated me, no one liked me.

One day I introduced myself to someone who asked me what Eunita means. All I knew was that Eunita is the name that was given to me by my aunt. I didn’t know what it meant.

I went home and researched my name, but I couldn’t find the meaning of it. I realised that the one important thing about me is my name. It is unique and beautiful.

I wear my name with pride. The uniqueness of my name proves to me that I’m one of a kind.

My name is Eunita. I carry myself with pride and I am proud to stand anywhere and say that my name is Eunita. Someone even nicknamed Eunita to “Uneedher” because yes, I might be an ugly, dark skinned lady, but someone out there needs me.

My name, my pride. I am Eunita.


Tell us: Are you proud of your name? Why or why not?