“NO!” Cried Sophia.

She had just been told that her sister Josie had cancer and had been taken to the hospital. Sophia had to go to school but was depressed most of the day so the school let her go home early. As soon as she was let out she rode her bicycle to the ST Augustine hospital, as fast as she could. When she got there she saw her mom, Samantha, and her dad, Bob, and of course Josie. She was just lying there and Sophia gasped.


Her mom answered, “No sweetie pie she’s just sleeping,.”

Sophia asked her parents if they could give her some time alone with Josie and if they could get her something to eat. Sophia grabbed Josie’s hand and made a wish. She whispered, “I wish that Josie can live forever and get the cancer out of her system.”

When Sophia was done Josie woke up with a fright and started crying a lot. Sophia hugged Josie until she stopped crying.

Josie said, “It hurts. Are you okay?” asked Josie.

“I’m fine! Hey, I’m supposed to ask that question,” responded Sophia.

They both laughed. Mom and dad came in with balloons and flowers. Josie gave a weak smile. Sophia didn’t go to school the next day instead she was at the hospital with Josie. Josie was finally allowed to go home. Sophia was the happiest girl on earth even on the universe. She was skipping about and running around she even was allowed to push Josie in her wheelchair to the car. They watched movies, drew pictures and had the most fun of all, sleeping in the same room.

About 2 weeks later Josie had a stroke. Everyone was so shocked especially Sophia. Everyone thought she was becoming better from the outside, but inside she was getting worse.

Sophia cried and cried and cried! She even got a headache from crying. Josie ended up in a coma. Sophia went to school because she had already missed a lot of work. When Sophia got to school her friend, Niall saw she has been crying for days.

He ran to her and said, “Sophie are you okay, you don’t look well at all.”

Sophia reacted badly saying, “Does it look like I’m okay, are you blind or something?”

Niall looked at her said, “If you don’t need my help just say so!” Niall walked away.

Sophia came home and went straight to her room and slammed her door. She cried even more because she felt like she lost a friend because of her attitude. Her mom and dad were getting worried about her, because they felt that she was getting depressed.

Her mom said, “Bob I think we need to take Sophia to a psychologist.” They both agreed.

Josie luckily lived but couldn’t go home because of the doctor’s suggestion, that they keep her in hospital so they can keep a close eye on her. Family and friends were allowed to see her not after hours.

At school Sophia was doing much better and came to her senses and apologized to Niall.

She said, “Niall can I speak to you for a moment?” Niall nodded. “I would like to apologize to you for insulting you and for making you feel unwanted, can you forgive me?”

Niall responded. “No need, I understand that you are or were depressed but I felt hurt that you took it out on me.”

Sophia looked down and her eyes started to become watery she then said.

“I know it was wrong of me. I just didn’t feel like talking to anybody. I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I FORGIVE YOU,” said Niall.

They hugged for a long time and Sophia’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “Don’t worry, it’s okay I’m here now”. Niall said.

He offered Sophia a lift home and she laid her head on Niall’s shoulder and he put his hand on her waist. They were slowly falling in love.

When Sophia got home she went inside with Niall and there was a surprise. They all shouted “SURPRISE” and there was Josie, sitting on her wheelchair right in front of the door.

“Josie!” yelled Sophia. They hugged each other – it was a great moment.

After four weeks Josie died on the way to the hospital, on the 29 April. Everyone had to accept it that it was her time and that they had to let her go.

“Josie will forever be my missing piece,” said Sophia.