Life isn’t what we always picture it to be. We need bad times to have good times, rainy days to have clear skies and scary times to have fearless times. I am the last out of four. I have two sisters and one brother.

Everything was going just right until one afternoon my mom came to our room to give us news that took all of us by surprise. “We will be moving this weekend baes,” mama said. “What!!” My oldest sister, Georgia, interrupted. “Where will we be moving to?” George, my brother, asked. My mom saw that my older sister Jessica was about to ask another question, when she looked in her direction and said; “No more questions, even if you don’t want to move to another community, there is nothing that can be done right now.” That Friday night was a busy night for the whole family.

Even though I was tired from the packing, I couldn’t go to bed because I was told to pack all of my things before sleeping. Early the next morning when I woke up from bed I heard sound of horn at the back of our house, the house that was soon going to be called our old home. “That must the truck that is going to carry our loads,” Jessica said.

“Hey girls, it’s time to wake up.” mama said as she came rushing in the room only to see that we were already out of our beds. My siblings and I took an hour to take our bath and to get ready for our new home. I saw that everyone was full of anxiety to reach this new home, except me. I was already missing my friends that I’d soon be leaving behind. I couldn’t believe that we were leaving the place that we already had happy memories of.

I soon realised that we were at our new home when I heard my brother talking while peeping through the truck window. “Wow! Our new home is on the Smythe Road.” He said. I believed it because my brother was not the stay home type, so I assumed that he knew places that I have never seen. We unloaded our things the very moment we got to our destination. Everyone was staring at us as though we were from another planet.

Later that year at our new home, our health problems started. Jessica suffered Nyankanfone an African skin disease that causes severe body rash with pus. My left leg got swollen with rashes and I went through a period of severe pain. At a certain point in time, we found it difficult to even close our eyes in our new home. Evil minded people would start to throw stones on our roof the moment we lock our doors. Armed robbers visited our community almost every other night. We cannot leave our clothes hanging on the lines without sitting nearby to watch it or everything would be stolen from the lines. Our window screens are torn up every other night by rogues because they want to grab whatever they can lay their hands on.

We have lived in this place for the past twelve years, praying that things will change, one day for the best. It’s my prayer that this community will be crime free, that the rogues and armed robbers will be brought to justice and we will live a good and healthy life.