Long time ago at school, I lost my self-esteem because of my skinny body. I was a kid so I could not understand why I was offended by other learners. Every school outing I would be happy to be going home where I felt appreciated. But every morning I had to pretend I was still sleeping so I wouldn’t go to school to face the bullying.

As I was growing, this thing grew also in my heart that I even completed my matric year without wearing short-sleeved shirts, until I stayed at home with no job, with nothing to do.

I started believing in myself again and did some research. I found out that I am not the only one with such a problem, and that’s when I thought to myself it was time to change.

I started wearing shorts and roaming around the streets, just to listen to the negativity. And guess what, no one even noticed; it was like I was fooling myself. Today I am so in love with my skinny, tiny body. I look younger than my parents’ last born, though I am a second born out of five siblings.

If you ever doubt, or feel uncomfortable with yourself, just relax and challenge those negative thoughts. That is when you’ll stop thinking people are judging you, while we’re judging ourselves.


Tell us: Have you ever been insure about your looks? How did you deal with it?