How I miss all: The early morning joggers, the cars hooting, children playing on the dusty grounds, teenagers leaning against the streetlights, the Gqom groups clashing!

Oh, Sidmore Sports Center, after serving this jail time, I will definitely be visiting you again. My legs itch to be reunited with their lover. They kick and thrash any object within proximity. One would swear a hurricane had wreaked havoc in my room.

“Bola! Bola! Pass, I’m open!” How I miss yelling that. I feel so devoid without soccer…

I dread the settling of dusk. It means no more soccer, and time to head back home. I am not looking forward to being confined yet again by those four dull walls. Who would want that? But the night chill crawling down your skin leaves you with no choice.

This lockdown has hushed my bustling neighbourhood. Let it end!