Life hasen’t been kind to me since I was born into this dark world. My childhood hasn’t been one that I could share with anyone.

Otshepeng was a small boy, he had his mother by his side in most time – Elisha who had been through hell and back but she was relentless. Otshepeng was doing exceptionally well in his academics.

In his Grade 6 he faced an obstacle that was hard to overcome. His mother, Elisha and Otshepeng’s father, Gerald, separated because Elisha had to run her mother’s funeral thereafter she had to stay to look after the family. Elisha and Gerald had a good thing. So Elisha let the ship sink and forgot about Gerald because all she thought about was her mother’s death and how to handle situations in critical times of the family.

She then found another boyfriend to comfort her during this agony, Dube was an educated man who worked at the mines but all he got was his brains nothing materialistic – they proceeded being in a relationship.

Things went hot in the house Dube started beating Elisha and Otshepeng was fully aware that his mother was a punching bag. He started hating this Dube guy and the guy always hated Otshepeng but didn’t show it.

As time went by Otshepeng’s schoolwork was affected and teachers wondered but couldn’t tell what was wrong. Things got worse when Dube started threatening Elisha with knives and scary weapons. Otshepeng couldn’t sleep at night because he would listen to the words said to his mother during these events.

Gerald would beat his mother, “Wa mpolaya hle,” (please, you’re killing me)

Otshepeng couldn’t take it anymore, he ran to the kitchen and took a shovel, as Dube beat up his mother, Dube’s focus fixed on Elisha. He held a shovel tight on both hands and released it heavily on Dube’s head and few seconds later blood was oozing out from Dube’ s head and he was on the floor unable to do move!

“A re siye Mama, Mama A re siye,” said the boy. (let’s run away Ma, Ma Let’s run away).

Otshepeng’s heart started racing and his mother wondered if she had walked into love with Dube carrying a bag of vulnerability. That’s a bizarre! Both Otshepeng and Elisha’ s head hurt.

Otshepeng left the hood and ran to Gauteng. Elisha was blamed for everything; even though she went through the most but no one saw…here in this dark world people always see your wrongdoings more than your righteousness deeds.


Tell us: If you were Elisha what would you have done?