I walk the streets every day. That fresh air always passes. If it can talk it will say “run for your life.” Fear is the episode of every night. I am seventeen years old, but I don’t want to go anywhere far from home. If fear could talk or walk. It will bully me non-stop.

I fear for my brothers and sisters who drown their sorrows at night. I feel so bad for them. I am a youngster who is tired of seeing people my age drinking and smoking. I even hear some kids at the toilets bragging about how good last week’s party was or how many drinks they should buy next week? I always ask myself is it worth it? If they keep behaving like this will the future children behave well?
This is a township where I learnt that if you don’t fight those who want to fight you, you’re an idiot. I feel good as an idiot because my hands are there to help me succeed in life – not breaking bones. I feel so unsafe and so embarrassed.

The bullies at this township are really wreaking havoc. On the streets they are never too tired to stop harassing girls or turning themselves to villains to any kid with money to take. Troubles back at home doesn’t mean other people on the streets must lose their teeth or money.

I was once rebellious to my young uncle who was trying to show me how to live a good life with no regrets. But as time goes I changed, because I know what this township might do to me if I didn’t change. If you misbehave, this township will misbehave you too.

Those car hoots at night strike fear in any person. Deep in our hearts we know they are the dwelling devils of the night. It can’t be all the cars, but we never try to go near them at night. Crime here is like a lizard’s tale- it never stops growing. I know at home they still think I am a kid because I don’t want to go out at night. I know it is for the best. I don’t want to be a victim of theft or robbery.

I can’t be humble when young girls are in a competition of dating too many boys. What’s worse is that they are turning themselves into the property of men. Can’t they see the danger heading towards them? I don’t want to believe in ghosts because they don’t exist, but I am forced to believe in them here.

Even in the safest places, it is never too safe. At schools only fists talk during a misunderstanding or an argument. How can we learn when there is Muhammed Ali and Foster in the classroom.
There is one place that I never liked – the motel. It has its ways of luring young girls to it. It is a place where being safe is an enemy to too many people there.

There always comes the 31 of December. The following day will be the new year. I think it should be called new death here. I love people, but if they continue to misbehave. Death is what will occur.
I don’t want to make this township look bad, but I feel so unsafe here.