I remember entering a FunDza Summer Competition as I love competitions. The anticipation of waiting to find out if I had won or not was just getting the better of me. With so many entrants – FunDza is loved by many around the world – I still hoped to win. Wow, I must be considering myself as someone with luck.

FunDza is like a digital friend that will make you teary, laugh and improve your life in an amazing way. Discovering people’s talents, relating to stories that can soothe your soul’s gotta be the most worthwhile hobby ever.

Who would not enjoy using his or her spare time to improve vocabulary and doing free courses? I mean, that is a lifetime enhancement which is beneficial in our daily life. As weeks go by, FunDza made me the happiest fan ever. An unexpected call from the FunDza team informed me that I am the winner of the Summer Competition. I gotta say, FunDza has the friendliest team ever and I will forever be a fan.

I remember those overwhelming moments of receiving R100 airtime while I was walking in the street and I just couldn’t hide my smile and excitement. Yay! more calls and data for me, thanks to my FunDza. Then a goodie bag was delivered to my doorstep and the excitement escalated. About 3 years later, after winning, I still hold on to FunDza goodies like a treasure that should never be lost.

I remember when my younger brother took the hat and it was later worn by his friend. I guess FunDza gave me the greatest gifts that even others wanted. And the books? The best short stories ever. To this day, I admire FunDza and will forever do.

FunDza made me turn into a passionate writer and has given me an opportunity to be published at no cost. It has given me a FunDza addiction which I can never run away from or even wish to in any way. I keep realising that there is always something beneficial to learn on FunDza and there is no way FunDza cannot change one’s life, hence I have seen a lot of changes in how I see life.

Something special to me is not just the gifts I received, it’s FunDza as a whole and I can’t even begin to describe how the team cherishes their fans. I have always told my mom how caring the FunDza team is and feel grateful to have discovered how the world has something called FunDza that changes lives, not only temporarily but for a lifetime.

I just appreciate the effort and love from FunDza.