One Saturday we went to play against Vredendal. We were warming up on the field. I could smell the fear of Vredendal’s team.

When the referee began the match it started as a very friendly match. At half time the score was 6-6, no tries only penalties, so the game wasn’t that interesting. But I told me team, “Let’s go and win the game.”
My friend, Leshwin passed the ball to me and I threw like Cheslin Colbe. I threw and nobody caught me and I scored the winning try. We won the game 13-6.

It wasn’t a big score but I told my team I was very proud of them. I was crowned man of the match. At home we threw a big party to celebrate the game.

The next game I told them the score must be round about 31- 19 like the Bulls and the Crusaders. We trained hard to achieve our goal.