Dear Fire Woman

I know it’s crazy to be thinking of someone who can’t remember ever meeting you or having anything to do with you. But, all the same I know my mind is not playing games with me. You are the one, the girl I have had feelings for, feelings so pure and natural with no blemish. The feelings don’t need any romantic explanation whatsoever.

The time we met was damn short but your impact is always remembered. You helped the shy boy to adjust to his new environment, to a new school and to a new feeling.

I know we were too young to love then but you cannot deny something that is real. Some may think it is infatuation but it’s not. You are the one.

As I walk the streets of this world every day, I hope to see your dark face in a house, no, in a parked car, no, in a moving car, ok, no, in the crowd at least.

The funniest part is just hard to believe that I cannot remember your face again. I even made a mistake about your name but, I know one day, I shall see you.

I call you my Fire Woman because there is always a burning desire to see you and whenever I meet any lady I have that little reservation that you are going to show up one day. That idea may be in my wildest dreams but it is not just a dream.

I call you woman because I believe you are still alive and would have grown into the woman I imagine you to be, even though we met when you were still a girl.

Even if we don’t fall in love again, I just wish to I could see you one more time to help me blow the fire I have off.

The Shy Boy

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