It took me three years to get over the crush I had on you. Now that it’s all over, the flaming feelings I had for you have been switched off by a powerful storm.

When I take my time to look back at those memories where you drove me insane and I couldn’t control my feelings, showing you time again how I felt about you, I feel like such a stalker. I wondered who you were in love with, where you stayed and what kind of person you were.

I only needed your, “Hey, Beautiful”, to make me feel special and appreciated, yet you never bothered to say those words.  Yes, you would look at me, but I wished I knew what was happening in your mind. Now all of a sudden you’re like “Hey, Beautiful, I wanted to approach you, but I was scared.”  What on earth was scary? These are excuses and nothing more. You weren’t interested and now suddenly you are.

I always imagined that I would rejoice when chatting to you, but the spark is gone. I remember posting my number on Facebook, hoping you’d add it, but you never did. I also recall greeting you on Facebook four years ago, yet only now did you respond, claiming that you’re “dying to meet me”. You’ve known me all along, why are you interested now?

I’m not sure if I should meet with him. I do kind of want to see him, but I feel like I already know him because of the character he painted for me: a “cheese boy” who was full of pride, and a player who only wanted one thing from women.

I keep thinking ‘I’m scared to meet you what will I say to you?’, ‘What will we talk about?’ ‘How will you react to me?’, ‘Will I feel comfortable?’ The questions never end.

I Remember I even gave you a nickname because I didn’t want people to find out my crush “touched my blood”. Nkosi Yam!  I only needed you to touch my blood. You were my obsession.


I ended up meeting with my ex crush and we had a great conversation.

When I first looked into his eyes after two years, I saw that glow of my crush came back.  He held me and my body vibrated; I wanted to kiss him so badly, but had to resist.

We talked some more and he told me that he loved me, but I didn’t say it back because I didn’t know whether he meant it or not.

I hope I don’t love him.

We stopped talking after some time; he doesn’t care about me. He only inboxed me on Facebook because my profile was hot. He made it clear he just wanted sex and all I wanted was to be loved.

What are the dangers of meeting a possible boyfriend or girlfriend on social media?