The one special thing that makes my life matter is my cell phone. It turned things around in a good way. It was given to me as a little gift by my sister.

At first I did not realise how useful it could be, like many people, I never thought it could really change my life. It was bought for me on my birthday, and that is the reason why I consider it the most precious and special thing.

This cell phones is not just a phone. To me it is a friend, a helper, a teacher and my source of communication.

It is a friend because I feel free using it when I am angry and happy because I am a reserved person. It is my handy helper because with it I can reach where I cannot on my own. It is my teacher because most of the time I find information I never knew. It is a source of communication because I can communicate through it and not in person because I am very shy.

I am even able to do distance learning with it. I also work from home using my cell phone and earn some money.

My phone is special to me in such a way that there won’t be enough words to describe it. Reserved people like me lack friends, so before I got it I was always depressed and feeling lonely. When I had problems I kept them to myself in fear of communicating with other people. Now it made it easier for me to express my feelings to everyone on social media.

Most of the time I feel free to talk now that I got used to expressing myself. Little by little, I am getting there. I feel like someday I will work at the call centre because now I enjoy talking on my cell phone, it is my everything and I couldn’t cope without it.

Thousands of youths suffer from depression and end up committing suicide. With my cell phone, my stress is less. Loneliness ends up leading to crime because many people tend to seek attention by doing crime. Cell phones could stop that loneliness. A cell phone comes with many opportunities and my advice to anyone suffering from depression and loneliness is for you to try paying attention to something you love.

I love my cell phone, that is how I am rehabilitating myself from depression. I focus on things which come with benefits.