Well, I’m not a cap guy, but this is the most precious thing I have ever received – from my baby sister. It was on the 2nd of January 2018 when I was being beaten by a bunch of unscrupulous guys, but that is not the case.

While I was in hospital with a painful leg, my Mom and baby sister came in with a smile. My mum brought me a bunch of flowers with my little son. My baby sister came with a shoe box wrapped with a beautiful cover. I was curious to know what was inside.

With a low and shy voice she said: “Bhutiza, don’t open it now, attend to it later because it a gift deep from my heart. I bought it because I realised how much I love you after I heard about the incident.”

I looked at her eyes and tears followed thinking about how much they love me and never wanted to lose me. Later that day when I was discharged I wore it. When I got home she smiled and said: “You don’t like caps, but today you are wearing a cap.”

I said I didn’t like caps, not because I’m uncomfortable with them, but I had no reason to wear caps. Now that I’m wearing it, it surely represents the love for myself and my family. This cap is very, very close to my heart because it is the only thing I ever received out of true love. Even today I am still wearing it and it is still as new as yesterday. My biggest fear is losing it.

I love my cap because it reminds me of the best time during my sorrows. I will wear it through all the pains and stresses, until it becomes a no-more cap. This cap was worth it, because it shows me that a situation does not always need a solution. Sometimes it only needs love and all shall be well. Look for no further solutions rather than love, because love conquers all.