You’re the best thing that ever happened into my life. I’ve met many before you but it never worked out, but now that I am with you. I understand why it never did. You’re everything that I ever wanted from a friend. A friend who will listen to me whenever I want to be listened to. Someone who will light up my mood when I see her. But you gave me everything in a way that I even forgot my former friends.

My friend, even though sometimes we fight but in the end we remain together. We may meet our differences but we also have our similarities. I will never forget the day we started talking because that day I had met my soulmate and someone l wanted to share each and every second of my life with.

I still want more of your love. I still want hugs and kisses from you. I still want us to hold hands and to travel the world with you right by my side. Since you’re a best advisor, I would be more than happy for you to give me advice when I started dating.

I don’t want you because I need you. I won’t just do everything for you, I would do anything. I won’t die for you because you’re my life. I love you, My Smile Keeper. I am just happy that we found each other early.

Zenele, you say I won’t lose you but we can’t predict the future. If you have to move on with me I want you to know that you are the only best friend I ever had and if it’s not you then it’s not anyone. And looking back in my life, you’re the only person l would do anything for. Forever isn’t enough time to show you the love you deserve. My princess, your Promise loves you… Always keep that in mind!


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