It was a beautiful world, which I had never seen, heard of or lived in before. After what happened, I regretted a lot. I almost lived my entire life looking forward to love and being loved in return, but what did I get? Nothing, but bad names behind me. It was the time when my beautiful world began to turn against me. With an exception of God, nobody liked me. And of the things that came through, some of them cannot even be described, for I have decided to worship the king of the heavens and earth.

It was as though I lived my life as a harmful creature, a creature that was strictly unacceptable in the very same world it came from. I asked myself why? Then I was answered directly from heaven, hearing the voice of God saying, “My child, your beautiful world has turned against you, but never ever say die, for I am always with you. Let them hate but, never do the same thing to them, learn to live with your enemies and love them, take them as your brothers and sisters.”

I have never been as hopeless as I was before, with no purpose, as the day I was taught a life lesson; when I was seriously attacked and left in the dark. I was clearly shown where I had ended up. There were no other places to escape to; no places to hide my head as my beautiful world turned against me.

It was devastating, living on my own planet, where there was no life. You do not want to know this, but even the birds never liked, sang or flew around the site where I was. Everything became dark and beautiful colours weren’t even recognised during that time. I have fought for all my life, only with Jesus’ name as my weapon. Yes, it was very difficult. I then came to realise the beautiful world I had once lived in, had turned against me.
It has turned from the brightest side which was known as the most beautiful place into the one wide darkest room of hell. That beautiful world of mine turned against me and was a beautiful war. Still, I never thought of giving up. I kept on going, pushing through the darkness until I saw the light of God, which shone brightly. Thus I came to my final decision, which was to only follow his commands. I have stood beside people who hated me and giggled behind my back, that is how I disappointed the haters, now you have to do the same.


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