He whispers my name with his sweet voice, slowly down my ear, and I felt a warm wind blow across my body.

His hands, so soft, they go around my body brushing me. He smells of lavender, his body rubbing mine.

He asked, “How do you feel?”

My eyes sees him as if I’m drunk, oh yes I’m drunk in love. Feeling kind of sleepy, listening to the sound of his heart beat.

Feeling his lips smooching my body, his feet rubbing my toes and I said, “I feel you.”

His arms around me, his hand brushing my hair, while kissing my neck, and I whispered his name slow and sexy, “Mr X.”

His heart beat started pounding fast. I started to feel some rush in my body, my blood boiling, and my body becoming numb. He pressed his body hard on my body, his smell, the sweetest drug to me and my body started giving up.

Phone rings and I wake up, “Damn it, it was just a dream.”

There was no Mr X, no touching, no kisses, everything is gone. Reality kicked in, and I reminisced about the week before when I saw Mr X. He’s just my crush, he’s the guy that I like.

Question is does he know how I yearn to be with him, does he even notice me, or even realise that I exist?


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