“Yoh, sister, I love this guy, please hook me up, plug me,” she said.

OMG. I couldn’t believe my ears when she kept on talking and talking about him. I was just lost in wonderland, and since I loved my sister so much, I didn’t have any other choice but to play the good and loving big sister.
I was hurt, then I decided to turn the tables around. I introduced my sister to him and I limited my conversations with him. He noticed that I became distant and started asking if he had done something wrong.

“Nothing is wrong, I just want you to date my baby sister. She loves you,” I said.
He was surprised to learn that my sister loved him. Then I forced him to love her back. He bluntly refused. I didn’t have any choice but to emotionally blackmail him.

“You said you loved me, you promised to move mountains for me, why can’t you do this for me? Or maybe you lied about loving me,” I said.

“I meant every word. I just didn’t know that things would turn out like this, if it would make you happy, I will try it and I truly don’t promise you much, just remember that I love you,” he said.

His decision was fine with me, even though I was hurt.

They kept on chatting and had phone calls and good morning texts every day. My sister was happy. I envied them and I kept saying in my mind, it could have been me with all those smiles. What hurt me the most is I had him and yet I let him slip through my fingers.

They dated through the phone, he turned down all their meetups. My sister started to complain that Mr X didn’t want to meet her. He ended up apologising to her, saying that he felt nothing for her, he wanted me and only me, so he couldn’t continue with whatever they thought they were doing.

That’s how their relationship ended and ours began, this time for real.

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