I was stunned by what people thought of me, but it felt good when the time came for me to show off my self-esteem to the ladies.

These days, it is not just about working hard. The youth of today focuses more on how they look on the outside, their public image. When I got the same idea, I started working on my body shape and my looks. I did not just do it to impress others, but it’s also about looking good and feeling good about yourself.

My mother told me that if I want the best in life I must work hard, look good and treat myself with respect. That way, I would be able to respect others. I wore the best of watches and I liked blazers and white clothes; they made me shine.

People thought my family did this because we were rich and we had money, but they were wrong. Girls would say, “Guys, let’s get that guy. We’ll suck his money out of him.”

I did not care what people said about me. There will always be bad rumours about you, whether you do good things or bad. I was a charming guy. Some thought I was gay. They would say to me, “Lubabalo, what kind of man are you, looking like this?”

They just never understood that I just wanted to look good, that’s all. I don’t do anything to show off, but do it to satisfy my own need.

I did not have friends growing up, but I had games on my phone. My phone was my friend. I never let it out of my hand. It’s the reason I stayed out of trouble, and the reason I am wiser today.

Looking good makes me feel gentlemanly. I also have a love for fashion. It’s all the satisfaction I need in my life, in order for me to be happy as I look forward to my ambitions and goals.

Today you have to be the best you can to attract good things and good people. Where I live, my friends call me all names such as ‘lady man’ or ‘boss’. But I don’t care. I don’t know why they tease so much about the fact I never had a girlfriend. I just want to enjoy life and enjoy looking good.


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