A few years ago, after completing my matric, I fell pregnant. I was young, confused and worried about what was I going to do with this child. I told myself I would do whatever it took to be a good mother and take good care of my baby. Time went by and I learned that I was expecting a baby boy.

I was so happy just to know that I was expecting a healthy baby boy. Just the feeling of knowing that there was someone growing inside me, was such a wonderful experience. I couldn’t wait to welcome and meet him, to tell him how much he meant to me. The time came to welcome my son into this world.

I supported my son since he was born, of course with the help of my parents. I learnt to provide for my son and left him while he was three months old to go look for a job. I did get the job fortunately enough. He was and still is the reason I wake up in the morning and go work hard so that he can have food to eat, clothes and be able to attend school.

I took full responsibility of my mistakes and I learnt from them. But my son is not a mistake, he is a blessing to me. He means the world to me; my world revolves around him. Ain’t no man who can take my baby boy’s space or replace him in my heart. Sometimes it feels like he is all I have even though I still have my parents on my side.

I have gone through a lot to make sure that my son grows well and grows up being the responsible little man he is in my eyes. He is such a wonderful and smart little boy. It was just a blessing to have him. I have learnt to be strong and I get stronger every day. He is now five years old and next year he will be attending school. Motherhood at a young age taught me a lot; to be strong and to be a good mother that any child deserves.