Dear, do you think happiness can be exchanged for money? Do you think money is the key to your happiness?Do you think you can walk into Shoprite and buy happiness? Do you?

Here is the thing, there are many people out there who think that they can invite happiness into their lives with money and think that they can win friends because of money. People who think that money is the main ingredient that they can use to sweeten their lives and that money is the only thing that can bring happiness to their lives.

These are the type of people who get involved in bank robberies just to have money to achieve their goal of being happy. These are the main types of people who get involved in cash-gate scandals with an aim of being millionaires. These are the kind of people who’re just looking for jobs to get big salaries, not thinking about their purpose in life. Some are in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities just to complete their education and get a good job and receive money at the end of every month. Others are even quitting their jobs just because of low payments, forgetting that they applied for the jobs with a goal of helping to develop the organisation and again and that there are those longing to have those very same jobs they’re not satisfied with.

When it comes to the youth, they think having money in their pockets will make their lives better and bring everlasting love like God’s love. They think relationships require fat pockets. Many girls stick with their boyfriends when they have money and they enjoy the fruits of their labour and hard work. They know that their boyfriends are going to take them out to enjoy life in different places.

There are several things that such people forget. They forget that there are people out there, who don’t have anything but are still managing to bring happiness into their lives. They forget that there are people out there who are living in poverty but are still living happily because God is still keeping them alive while other people are dying each and every day.

On the other hand, they do forget that there many people out there, who are rich but are still not living happy lives. People who have money, many cars, houses and even degrees may still be unhappy.

Always remember that if you want to be happy in your life, don’t wait until you get money. Don’t wait until you finish your education and get a high paying job. Don’t wait or look for a lover who has money. Happiness begins with you. Happiness begins right where you are, right now. Don’t wait for other people to bring happiness to your life because they are not the makers of your life.

Does money play a big part in happiness? What do you think?