“That bastard is somewhere,” said Captain Avenel while surveying the Nile River.

His half-arm, with a blade attached at the end of it, was a constant reminder of the grudge he harboured. Captain Avenel was on the hunt for what people called the ‘The vile of the Nile’, an insipid name given to the most ferocious beast roaming the Nile River. A colossal crocodile of 7 metres that weighted a ton; a monstrosity that nature seldom creates.

However, this colossal crocodile was fiction to those who heard of it and horror to those who ever saw it. A few people saw it and lived to tell the tale of that crocodile. Such is the case of Captain Avenel. While still a young man working as a fisherman, he had his encounter with the crocodile. He was attending to his fishing net when the ferocious crocodile grabbed his left arm. Using his other arm, he managed to stab the crocodile in the eye. Thus his arm was free but already severed in half.

Captain Avenel’s fist clenched and he struck against a wooden door. His frustration at remembering that day was always evident in his violent outbursts. He surgically had a blade put in his left arm so that it would be the arm that killed his sworn enemy. Scouring the Nile for the past 15 years, Captain Avenel’s obsession and quest saw him travel endlessly on the Nile. Much like the colossal crocodile, Captain Avenel had a reputation equal to his nemesis. He earned himself the name ‘Croc Reaper’ by hunting and killing hundreds of crocodiles.

“Captain, ahead at two o’clock!” screamed Jake the youngest of the crew. Jake was a recruit personally sought out by Captain Avenel.

“Ah I see nephew, he’s the one!” screamed captain Avenel trembling violently and running around, ordering each man to his station. The ‘Vile of the Nile’ was before his eyes. Staring through the telescope, there was no denying the colossal beast. The crocodile’s left eye was of a whitish colour, the very eye he once stabbed 20 years ago. A total of three huge spear guns were aimed at the crocodile. He gave the signal to fire. Two spears penetrated the scaly skin of the beast. The spears were attached to steel cords which were to reel the crocodile closer to the boat.

Though that was to be the plan, it failed. The crocodile violently swam about. The power of the colossal reptilian was a surprise to all present.

“Steady men!” roared Captain Avenel in the chaos that was ensuing. Young Jake was in the corner, cowering in fear over all that was happening.

“Get a hold of yourself,” said Captain Avenel while picking up his nephew and ordering him to turn the sails of the beat in the opposite direction. The crocodile majestically did a leap which Captain Avenel watched in wonder. Time was incredibly slow as the white belly of the beast displayed a broad clear canvas. Water splashed around. The body of the crocodile eclipsed the sun. In that moment, Captain Avenel saw his life goal before his eyes.

However, by the time the crocodile went into the water, the ship was now capsizing from the force of the crocodile.
The whole crew was now submerged in the river. Some men’s screams were instantly silent as the crocodile now exacted its own form of revenge. Stains of blood dyed the river while more crew members tried to grab hold of any floating object.

“The Nile River flowing with blood, what a biblical analogy,” said Captain Avenel to himself while finding a belt of grenades. His only concern was finding Jake. Floating on a barrel, the captain’s eyes surveyed left and right.

“Jake grab on!” said Captain Avenel helping young Jake on the barrel. Before the two could say another word, the ripples of the water were an indication of the horror to expect. Captain Avenel was finally at the moment he dreamt of for 15 years. The crocodile was poised to attack. Captain Avenel pushed Jake off the barrel gleefully awaited the attack.

In horror, all the crew members watched while in the crocodile mouth Captain Avenel was smiling. Still holding the grenades in hand, Captain Avenel was now submerged fully underwater. A few second elapsed before a great explosion saw a jet of water splatter with blood and crocodile meat.

The deed was done and Captain Avenel’s grudge was satisfied though at the cost of his own life. The only legacy he left behind was his blade that was now detached from his arm and Jake held in his hand.


Tell us: Have you ever held a grudge for a long time?