Will mob justice be the only form of justice available for us in the future?

The horrific chances of you facing the possibility of some crime are not an everyday occurrence, but an occurrence that happens 2 to 3 times a day. If we are not getting scammed by intangible means, then we getting robbed physically. The frustration, aggravation and frustration of the honest man and woman, the hard-workers who face abuse and exploitation at work, must still contend with losing their hard earned money.

These people rightfully will take the action of imposing their own law.

Maybe that form of legislation will be more effective for the protection of children. The crime rate is inevitably increasing and what’s certain is the need and arousal of a group of voices, not shackled with vain conceit of selfish ambition, to gather together for the sole and absolute purpose of wanting change. I certain are we to see change first in our communities, than in cities. All that’s required is for one domino to cause the reaction of knocking down the millions of other dominoes.