The person also predicted the unruliness of the youth. He envisioned that the youth would be infected by the pornographic scam that will dilute the liver side initiations and the Televisions will be the guiders. The government will come and ban the elicit content, but it will be useless because the youth will have been intoxicated with the content already. For example, the government in Malawi banned phonography both online and in print, but the market has been flooded despite this, giving the youth a platform to see what happens behind the scenes.

In Malawi now, the youth know almost everything that happens when two people are in bed. The youth has been exposed to sexual intercourse and this is forcing many to indulge in premarital sex, which is fornication in religious terms. The youth in Malawi are now living in an era of personal naked pictures and videos which are commonly called ‘nudes’. A day cannot pass without hearing or seeing a picture or video of someone leaking some naked pictures of his or her lover after some personal problems. The youth have lost the morals on sex. It is now history to talk about sex as a right of those married. It is unusual to find people who talk about sex only once they’re married.

Furthermore, there would be cheating of public examinations through leakage of examination papers. According to the persona, teachers will leak the examinations to sell because of transfers or delay of their payment. In Malawi teachers are paid slaves. They have hostile working environments and they are paid peanuts. For example, teachers are posted in primary and secondary schools and they spend months without pay. What can you expect from unpaid teachers? For example, a secondary school teacher who was recruited this year (2019) has had 3 months without pay as of November 2019. However, these people are offering their services. This is forcing teachers to leak examinations, which is something that is bringing the education standards down and those responsible wonder why.

For example, last year Malawi Examination Board (MANEB) MSCE examinations were leaked MANEB confirmed (2018). Even in universities students are cheating examinations. Some students in universities have access to examinations through secretaries, examination management officials and lecturers themselves. Some female students are even accessing examinations and good grades sexually. They are offering sexual services to university staff to receive good grades. This is a true reflection of what is happening in Malawi and the writer accurately presented it. This agrees with the words of Ngungi about who a writer is. The poet presented the true reflection of what is happening in the country as prophesied by Mlauli, the great prophet.


Tell us: Do you think Mlauli is a ‘great prophet’?