In White Noise, Rebecca Davis states that we need “a new set of metrics to measure what life is really like for women of a particular country.” This is a response to Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa’s assertion that “being a global gender equality leader, comes with immense pressure.”

Global gender equality leader in this sense is that more than 41% of MPs (Members of Parliament) in Parliament are women. It is a known fact that socioeconomically and racially, our country is still struggling with equality. What I fail to comprehend, is why Davis would illustrate Rwanda as an example. She claims that although women in that country have 63% representation in Parliament, they are still treated in a subordinate way socially.

But by what set of metrics did she arrive at that conclusion? I guess she wrote with her nose too close to the page. But then again the title of her column gives a lot away.


Tell us: Why do you think that women still aren’t treated equally even though there are more women in parliament than men?