I can hear the birds chirping early in the morning, reminding me of the time when we used to wake up and drink black coffee while listening to them, do you remember that?

All I have left of now are bittersweet memories that linger in my mind and whenever I try to suppress the pain of you leaving me behind it just gets worse.

What about the dreams we had? The legacy we were gonna build for our soccer team?
I hope you dream of me while sleeping next to her and whenever she talks about your future, I hope you cringe at the thought of not spending yours with me.

Whenever you are inside of her I hope you think of the way we used to make love and realise that she doesn’t taste the same way I used to. You probably look at the sky when you think of me hoping to see the colour blue but all you see is a heavy dark cloud now. I hope you realise that I was your knight in shining armour but all you did was wreck me apart, leaving me with bittersweet memories that torture me all the time.


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