It was early in the morning when Leon took a train for his first day at University. The train was full just like any other morning. When he got inside, his eyes just landed on a pretty girl; he had never seen such beauty, ever.

The girl was also looking at him and they both smiled. He had fallen in love immediately. Maybe we have same feelings, he thought to himself. But there was no way he would go where she was standing because the train was too full.

He looked at her and she smiled again. On her face he saw an image of paradise, where only angels would stay. And he saw the prettiness of God’s plan. She was not wearing expensive clothes, but he loved them as he just loved everything about her.

He tried to move from where he was standing to where the girl was standing.

“Hi girl,” he said nervously. And the girl replied in a soft, calm voice. “I’m Leon, I would love to know you,” he said. And the girl replied, “I am Gloria.” And that reminded him about his ex-girlfriend, Gladness.

They arrived at Braamfontein station where a young, handsome and well-dressed boy came inside the train. Gloria stared at him, and started ignoring Leon’s conversation. Maybe she loves him more than I thought she loves me, he thought to himself.

The boy saw her, and went straight where she was standing. He kissed her in front of him. Leon felt his heart cracking. He almost cried, but he just tried to pretend as if he felt no pain.

The boy asked Leon, “Are you her brother?”

“No,” he replied in a sad voice. The boy needed no further explanation. “So you are her boyfriend,” he said taking his knife out. Poor Leon could not scream, because no one would care.

People in trains never cared about anyone’s life. He proceeded to stab him twice on his chest. When the train arrived at Park station, he was lying down while bleeding. He only found help after about an hour, when an old woman got inside the train.

After two weeks when he recovered, he tried to forget about Gloria. He called Gladness to seek forgiveness, and she accepted that. But even though they are back together now, he never forgot about the train memories, because he nearly lost his life for a stranger girl.