For some reason I haven’t been to Melville for a very long time, but today I decided to drop by. But to my surprise, when I arrived, it brought back sour memories.

Those were gruesome moments of my life, but yet again that was my life. My heart started crying with red tears which brought so much pain. I stood there for moment like a ghost. I was tortured by my own past.

My face was covered in tears which I couldn’t really control. I was the most feared guy in the city. I felt like I owned this place. But I was wrong, this was proven the day I left Melville. I had no one by my side.

I was interrupted by the sound of a crying baby behind me. It felt like I was in in a bad dream but, it was reality. I saw a group of men heading towards me, yelling at me.

“I own this place, who are you to talk to me like this?” I told them.

I was shocked by their response. These man were approaching me bit by bit and they said, “this is life, no one owns anything, you came into this world alone and you will leave alone.”

I saw the baby crying right behind them.

“Why is this baby crying?” I asked.

The baby responded, “You killed my dad, my life is painful because of your wrongdoings.”

That was the day I left Melville. Seeing those tears in the baby’s eyes was enough for me to leave the city. At that moment, as I was packing my cargo a lot of questions came to my mind, but one question that hit me was who am I? Murderer, kidnapper but my answer was simple – you are damaged cargo that needs to be eaten by wolves so that life can be peaceful.


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