Wearing his full black suit, slicked back hairstyle and smiling his ever malevolent smile MrX was continuing his quest for world-domination. His next obstacle was now to have total control of the media. He wanted to control all form of media; books, radio, news just about everything was stained him.

“So, remember at all times, the masses must be uninformed of the truth that’s happening in the world,” said Mr X while standing i front of hundreds of television, each playing his ordered programming. Along with his organisation Mr X was well-informed of all the desires of people around him and the rest of the world.

“Jeff, make sure more reality shows are streaming,” Mr X ordered. Mr X knew the masses were particularly fond of reality shows. For some reason, people disregarded living their lives. Nothing was more satisfying for people that fantasying about their lives being as perfect as the lives of their worshipped idols on television.

However, this was by no chance coincidental – it was all programmed by the vile doings of Mr X. Every part of people’s lives was planned for them. In truth, everyone was but a puppet with no free-will. Mr X gave that cynical sneer of his after realising just how close he and his organisation were to world-domination.

The power of the media he used worked according to agendas. People were unaware of the mental manipulation happening to them. Instead, everyone simply wanted to sit for hours on end in front of their television screens. This was because they all feared thinking about their lives, jobs, families and children thus; they allowed the television to do it for them.

“Sir, the fake news is ready to be broadcasted as you requested,” a female worker reported.

“Fantastic remember, I also need more sexual and violent content to be aired in cartoons,” d Mr X replied. He was simply continuing the plan his predecessors initiated years ago, by broadcasting vile and unvirtuous practices – to simply destroy society.

Mr X realised that a broken society was easier to control and manipulate to his own will. His lack of morality though was not restricted to adults; he now began showing his wicked nature by destroying the minds of children. The plan was to let children get used to all forms of sexuality, corruption, violence, hatred, malice and immoral behaviour. Once that was done, controlling children’s minds would be much easier.

“Stereotype all races in that way, people will hate each other,” said Mr X to another request made for more programming to be given to the masses.

“Sir, do we make the white man superior or inferior?” one of his producers asked.

“To be honest whether we make a black man superior to a white man is irrelevant. So long as they are not seen as equal eour plan will remain flawless,” Mr X replied. He believed that a conscious society must by all means not exist. “Excellent these advertisements are perfect,” he said after surveying several ads which displayed materialistic objects.

The poisonous tentacles of Mr X and his organisation already controlled a large part of people’s lives. Materialism was to be the standard of how people valued their lives making them shallow and devoid of any meaning.

Mr X was now closer than ever to achieving his dream world-domination. This illusion was vast for the masses to see, instead, everyone remained asleep without ever realising that they were merely livestock being controlled by a much higher order that escaped their reality.


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