I remember those days when I was still in primary school until high school. Life was so different, looked easy and there were older people around every day. They guided me, protected me and loved me. I was left at my granny’s house because my dad passed on. That part was confusing because I got used to being a daddy’s little girl. He played a role of being a mother since I also lost my mother when I was about 3 or 4 years old.

All I’m saying is I was just a girl who had guidance; until I got pregnant in my matric, my final year in high school. Everyone was shocked that a ‘preacher’s kid’ got pregnant at the time of her last breakthrough of life.

Yet I did not fear anything. I finished my matric and went on to varsity after delivering the baby. I never thought that I would be a mother so soon. It was time to grow up. That happened fast; I did not plan or even process the matter. I still had to grow up and face everything, everyone, whom I had disappointed. I had to prove that I could rise up and be the good girl that everyone knew.

As life went on, I am now a young mother, a sister, an aunty, a young woman who still has to decide which direction to take. A direction of being a parent and still wanting to be a young lady that will enjoy life.

To put the record straight, here I am considering to write about my experiences, my mistakes, my responsibilities and success, how can I forget my failures?

Life will never be the same anymore; no elders near me, no guidance and no easy life. I am still learning to be a good, responsible person and a loving parent, sister, aunty and grown woman, with God as the only parent for life.


Tell us: What advice do you have for this young woman?